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Wholesale and export
coffee and drinks in pods and capsules

We offer a full line of coffee beans in an envelope, in tin vacuum, ESE pods and capsules for wholesale and for export.

All our products can be customized with your logo and packaging may be agreed according to your needs.

The packages can be from 200gr, 250gr, 500gr and 1000gr.

An example of our wholesale and export

Contact us for more information and to know the economic conditions reserved to large volumes consumers.

  Coffee pods  
  Arabica coffee 100 pz/box
  Express coffee 100 pz/box
  Decaffeinated coffee 100 pz/box
  Amaretto flavor coffee 50 pz/pz
  Irish taste coffee 50 pz/box
  Nutty flavor coffee 50 pz/box
  Vanilla taste coffee 50 pz/box
  Ginseng coffee 50 pz/box
  Drinks pods  
  Green tea 50 pz/box
  Black tea 50 pz/box
  Chamomile 50 pz/box
  Barley 50 pz/box
  Drinks soluble capusle  
  White drinks 50 pz/box
  Ginseng coffee 50 pz/box
  Mokaccino 50 pz/box
  Barley 50 pz/box
  Lemon tea 50 pz/box
  Peach tea 50 pz/box
  Chamomile 50 pz/box
  Herbal tea forest fruit 50 pz/box
  Coffee in ESE paper pods (diameter 38 and 44 mm)
  Arabica coffee 150 pz/box
  Express coffee 150 pz/scatola
  Decaffeinated coffee 150 pz/box
  Amaretto taste coffee 50 pz/scatola
  Irish taste coffee 50 pz/scatola
  Nutty taste coffee 50 pz/scatola
  Vanilla taste coffee 50 pz/scatola
  Ginseng taste coffee 50 pz/scatola
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