About Caffè ti odio
Caffè ti odio comes from a passion.....
The passion for coffee and its nuances, which has led to Massimo Venturo a long road that led him from dishwasher to one of the most respected and popular bartender in Italy and abroad.
His passion led him to assert himself as the champion of Italian artistic and cappuccino in 2005 to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for having the 7000 cups artistic cappuccino.
Still, his passion led him to take the Still, his passion led him to take the training course of cappuccino art to teach to other art that has become his.
Now the passion drove him over to found his own coffee roasting and distributing its blends in pods so as to enjoy at all, in their own bar at home, the aroma of his coffee.
......and from passion born only good things  
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