The Guinnes record

Cappuccino artistic is the specialty of Massimo Venturo, which offers to the customers of the Cafe Macs his best cappuccino in terms of quality and artistic-looking.
But the fact that the world record, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, belonged to others, just did not go down ........

And so on a cold November day in 2005, precisely on Sunday 27, Il palco attrezzato per l'impresa con lo strisicone pubblicitariothe Italian champion of cappuccino artist decided to put his name on that book, under the eyes of the readers and the curious from around the world, suffrage for a skill and competence already known internationally.
In less than eight hours has produced 7,000 cappuccinos in a huge bowl of steel prepared for the occasion in the center square Ducale, a few steps from the Macs Cafe where daily Massimo works at his prestigious coffe machine and serves espresso to his customers.

Indeed, already at 14.00 the previous record of 1,500 liters of milk and coffee mixed in 12 hours from Ettore Diana, had already been beaten.
And the numbers were really from Guinness.....

To achieve the 7000 cup of cappuccino Max have used over 2000 gallons of milk, 20 kg of cream and 125 kg of coffee, all mixed in this great cup of steel making the cappuccino, one by one using a battery of professional espresso machines but in common use in the best bars.
Massimo has worked hard with virtually no break between 9 am and one hour before the end of 8 hours regulations had already reached the goal of 7000 Capuccini he set for himself and the two officers on the spot throughout the test , have certified the performance communicate their findings to the London headquarters of the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.

Il cappuccino dei Guinness viene distribuito al pubblico By late afternoon, the artistic giant cappuccino was served to the crowd that had formed gradually during the day around the cup and record the proceeds of the offerings were offered to charity as a group of citizen volunteers.

How to say ..... the classic cappuccino dusting of cocoa on the completion of the work ....

  Galleria fotografica
What follows is a collection of the best pictures that recall the event.
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La tazza in acciaio per il cappuccino artistico Al lacoro attorno alla tazza
Una goccia nel mare del cappuccino Massimo Venturo ad una delle macchine espresso Massimo Venturo al lavoro
Ancora Massimo Venturo impegnato nella preparazione Massimo Venturo assaggia il cappuccino Il cappuccino è pronto per essere servito al pubblico
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