Artistic cappuccino

Artistic Cappuccino: when the beauty encounters the goodness.

Sometimes it's not enough to make a good cappuccino. Capuccino artistico - Disegno di un paesaggio
The saying that the eye wants its part is not born by chance.....
A good presentation of the drink raises the person who is about to drink cappuccino curiosity and the desire to taste, as well as to give pleasure to the mind as well as for the taste.
Moreover, in the case of a cappuccino made outside the home, an artistic cappuccino enables the bartender to emerge, attracting customers looking for a particular thing.

Massimo Venturo prepara un cappuccino artistico With artistic cappuccino refers to a cappuccino that has a design on milk cream surface.

Being able to draw freehand on a mobile and fluctuating canvas is not an easy task:
you can paint with a toothpick or, as Massimo Venturo, with a pen inks, using colors prepared with natural ingredients, respect for health, where the bartender keeps a jealous reserve.
It is an art that is based on two components: the skill of the bartender, able to obtain a dense foam and perfect to allow for a graphic treatment, and the fantasy and physical dexterity to hold a firm hand and light, able to shape to draw and to communicate.

Drawing on the foam of a cappuccino can send messagge greetings, jokes, flirt, entice and intrigue. A small natural palette and a canvas of milk offer a creative imagination of a small world aesthetic.
Cappuccino to be transformed into 'artistic' needs a perfect preparation, and is a prerequisite for this recommendation is repeated.
Little foam or foam runny irreparably ruined the stretch causing a spot without any meaning, it might even become a negative element.

To draw freehand, like Massimo Venturo, who innocently professes not to be able Capuccino artistico - Disegno di un tramontoto draw on a sheet of paper or a canvas, we must try and try, without being discouraged if early results are not what we expected.

Massimo Venturo makes several designs in several colors, with faces, landscapes and inscriptions.

In the case of landscapes with sunsets over the sea, the features remain close even the most perfect and without smearing.

There are also other ways to draw on the cappuccino.
One of these is to help beginners.

The company marketing the brand Moka Sirs has arranged for its customers a perforated mask that represents your own logo.
This is a head in profile cut in a square of hard plastic, to be placed at the edge of the cup of cappuccino.
To realize the design raises the mask centering on the cup, where it was previously prepared a classic cappuccino.

Get a sieve dithered end with cocoa.

You sieves gently on the cup, taking care of shifting the cocoa in all its points.
The design will appear crisp even in details.

The secret, explains Venturo, is precisely to use the sieve process rather than the cocoa sprinkler that at first glance appear to be rather easier to follow the method is more appropriate.

As for home-prepared, it is easy to achieve by itself a mask of support.
The idea may be to turn a cardboard cut out for such a little heart or a starlet on the foam and give hot.
The result is certainly impressive and surprise your friends.
The following are some examples of drawings made by Massimo Venturo.

From 'Il cappuccino - Tradizione ed arte'
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