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Macs Caffè

Caffè ti odio is a mixture of high quality arabica robusta, available in beans, ground and pods, to enjoy the same cup at the bar at home ..

Caffè ti odio is a line of bar food such as preparations and creams for coffee and cappuccino cups and services with our logo intriguing .....


But Caffè ti odio is much more of it ...... from the passion of Massimo Venturo for coffee and cappuccino was born Macs Caffè.

At few steps from Piazza Ducale in Vigevano, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, there is MACS Coffee, a small and nice bar where you can taste the blends that Massimo prepared to capitalize on years of experience in Italy and all over the world, which led him to create their own roasting, roasting Venturo.


In addition to coffee and cappuccino and the famous artist cappuccino, whose Massimo is italian champion, the cake is the absolute protagonist, with the vast assortment of fresh pastries and homemade icecream.

Massimo Venturo awaits you at Macs Cafeè to help you discover the unique taste of the mixture of Roasting Venturo in Vigevano Via Silva 19, a short walk from Piazza Ducale.

If you are a customer of the Roasting Venturo and want to give the possibility to coffee lovers to taste our blend even at your local, contact us and place your room on this page.

Premiata Caffetteria Macs Caffe

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