Venturo roasting

Wood roasting Venturo

Macs Coffee and Roasting Venturo want to improve quality of their product, always at the highest levels. For this, Roasting Venturo has taken to roasting the coffee machine roaster hearth, dating to the early '900, in perfect working order and able to roast the coffee and bring out the flavor in a natural way, just as many years ago.

During the slow cooking, oak sends its fragrance to enhance the coffee taste and aroma. Using a wood-fired roaster machine takes much longer than a modern machine running hot-air roaster, and requires constant attention to maintain constant temperautra inside the roasting chamber, which must be adjusted manually.

The roasting, slow and gradual, coffee bean and aroma enhanced by oak selected by which is fed the fire of the rotating drum, give our coffee aroma and superior taste and unmistakable.

The other working processes, managed with the most care and attention, leading to coffee packaging in the shortest time possible so as to ensure and preserve the aroma of roasting coffee from the room of your cup.


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