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Torrefazione Venturo by Massimo Venturi has a line of products specifically designed and built for the supply of automatic coffee and hot drinks machines.

The same care in roasting, which gives the taste and texture to our blends leads to a rediscovery of nice coffee break.

No longer a last resort for the convenience of having an espresso at hand but the pleasure of having a coffee with the same flavor and texture of the same bar.

Contact us for more information and to know the economic conditions allow consumers of large volumes and wholesales.



Humidifiers and outdoor cooling system

Macs is not only coffee.

During his frequent international trips, to refine his techniques and to bring the world the artistic culture of cappuccino, Massimo has seen and touched the news that revolve around the restaurant world and a sophisticated bar.

Umidificatori e raffrescatori per esterni The Massimo Venturo ability to capture the best news in trend to get back to home, along with his bags, too many ideas.

One of these innovations, which has got to enjoy the warm evenings of Spanish movida, are the coolers and humidifiers from marquee. These devices, in many different shapes and sizes, which are placed under tents and umbrellas and disseminating the normal fine water spray.

This lightweight mist, not wet, leading to a lowering of the temperature in the area below and a pleasant cooling effect. Furthermore, the temperature lower than the surrounding area and the different level of moisture, can effectively help to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

Furthermore, the use of common water and very low power consumption, contain significant operating costs than other cooling systems for outdoor use.

Macs Caffè is authorized distributor and installer for the full range of spray nozzles are available in commercial designs and furnishings, for reasons ranging from private premises with a single umbrella with large surfaces.

Obviously Macs Caffè is the first one to get this system, to the delight of its customers .....

You can see, and try installing a very large area at the restaurant "Il Re di Napoli" in Vigevano - Piazza Ducale, where there is a system of this type that provide cool covered area of over 200 square meters, and from which has taken this video.

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